Recent Publications

Refereed Academic Articles

“Occupational Health and Safety in Canada, Regulatory Reform and Employer Response: An Overview of Past, Present and Future Concerns”. Ege Academic Review. Vol. 6, no. 3(2009), p.8-13.

“Necessary Business School Curricula for this Millennium: Some Thoughts from Canada”.  Economics and Management. Vol. 5, no.4(2009), p. 51-55

Shrey, D.; Hursh, N.; Gallina, P.; Slinn,S.; White, A. “Disability management best practices and joint labour-management collaboration”.  International Journal of Disability Management Research. Vol. 1, no.1 (2006) 52-63.

Conference Proceedings

“Regulating occupational health and safety in the new world of work: Tentative protections for the vulnerable worker”. In: Proceedings of the 2nd ROWER Conference on Occupational Health and Safety and Economics. Sinaia, Roumania, 2011. pp. 160-167


Return to work at Canadian Pacific Railway Company: a case from a best practice employer. Toronto:  Minerva Safety Management Education, 2007

Professional Publications

“Fairness at work: A commentary on the regulatory schema”. Vol. 6, no. 3 (2006) CAUT Legal Review  p.8-13.

Government Reports

Peer Review of the Summative Evaluation of the International Trade and Labour Program (ITLP). Ottawa: Evaluation Directorate, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2010.

Peer Review of the Methodology Report for the Summative Evaluation of the International Trade and Labour Program.  Ottawa: Human Resources and Skills DevelopmentCanada (Evaluation Directorate), 2009. 25p.

Gallina, P.L.; Grochot, P.;Samson, S.   Internal Audit of OSH Training and Personal Protective Equipment. Ottawa: Transportation Safety Board of Canada, 2009. 50p.

Gallina, P.L.; Thompson, M.  Employer monitoring and compliance models, practices and initiatives in Canada.  Ottawa: Human Resources and Social DevelopmentCanada, 2008. 76 p.

New compliance strategies: ‘Hard law approach’/ Nouvelles stratégies d'amélioration de la conformité : méthode du « droit dur ». Ottawa: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada/ Ressources humaines et développement des compétences Canada, 2006. 55p.

Training material

Dubé,S.; Gallina, P. Medicolegal opinion: reasoning and critical thinking. Video lecture filmed for the Insurance and Medicolegal Expertise Program, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal, 2006.

Corder, J.; Duda, R.; Gallina, P.L., et al.  Professional Leadership Development Training. Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada,  Edmonton, Alberta July 5-7, 2008.

Dr. Paul Leonard Gallina

Paul Leonard Gallina
Ph.D., LL.M., DOHS